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A simple, yet powerful app for connecting people from across the world.

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Discover and connect with people in your neighborhood. Make new friends and receive help from people who know your culture and who may even speak the same language.

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About Us


Founder & President

Sarina Krishnan

Sarina Krishnan is a rising senior at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, California. From a young age, she has been passionate about community service; whether it be volunteering at Helen Woodward Animal Center, or tutoring youth with special needs in piano, she has always loved helping those around her and making the community a more harmonious place.

The Underlying Organization

Pathways to Assimilation

Pathways to Assimilation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that strives to help refugees and immigrants of all backgrounds to better acclimate to the United States. Our team is composed mainly of high school and college students, which provides an empathetic connection between ourselves and the youth refugee and immigrant students we work with. One of our newest ventures involves using technology for social good, which we will do with this phone application, "Communities Connect."


Communities Connect is Unique.

Location Based Search

Find all nearby users within a 25 mile radius.

Automatic Sorting

Your search is automatcally sorted by the most nearby users.

Search Filter

Filter your search by name, home country, native language, and more.

Friend System

Have complete freedom over who you want to connect with.

Live Chatting

Add friends and connect with them in an exclusive 1 on 1 chat.

Fully Customizable Profile

Choose what information you want to share when constructing your fully customizable profile.

About Us

Our Story

The Inspiration

Story Behind Pathways to Assimilation

Sarina founded Pathways to Assimilation largely from her own personal connection to the issue. Her parents would often tell her stories of their tumultuous journey to success as immigrants, and how it was largely dependent on the support of a strong community that embraced each other for their own unique identities. Once hearing about the enormous refugee population in San Diego and how this group is overlooked in the community, she knew she needed to do something to help them. Thus, Pathways to Assimilation was born.

The End Product

Communities Connect

As a millennial, Sarina has been immersed in a technology revolution and was quick to realize the broad impact these platforms can have on the community. Many refugee families expressed their desire to connect with other like-minded individuals so that they would be able to share their experiences and work together to build better futures for themselves. Based on the expressed needs, she realized that she could create a social networking app that could connect refugees and immigrants to forge mutually beneficial bonds. She knew that this app would have a significant impact on the communities she served, so she made her vision become a reality.

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